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Thomas Noble

Thomas Noble was born on September 10, 1696 in Westfield, Massachusetts to Thomas Noble and Elizabeth Dewey. Thomas was a farmer by profession. His grandfather, also named Thomas (married to Hannah Warriner) was an early settler of Westfield. The records of Westfield show that Thomas was chosen to be a fence viewer in 1739 and 1744. In 1761 he was on a committee to build pews in the meeting house. He was a moderator of town meetings held in that same meeting house. He lived on the land of his grandfather.

Thomas Noble Home

The home of Thomas Noble, Westfield circa 1725

The Family of Thomas Noble

Thomas Noble married Sarah Root on 1 September 1722 in Westfield. Below is a list of their children.

Sarah Root, Wife of Thomas

Sarah Root was born in 1701 in Westfield, Massachusetts to John Root and Sarah Stebbins. She married Thomas Noble on September 1, 1722 and had 9 children with him. There is a discrepancy regarding her date of death. The Westfield town records record her date of death as 26 November 1760, however, her tombstone states Sarah Root Noble died in Westfield on July 19, 1760.

After the death of his wife, Sarah Root Noble, Thomas Noble married Sarah Field Belding in 1761. She died just a few years later on August 17, 1763 in Westfield. Thomas died in Westfield on February 18, 1775 at the age of 78 and was buried in The Mechanic Street Cemetery.

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