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Aaron Dewey

Aaron Dewey was born in Westfield, Massachusetts on 28 April 1721. He was the son of Israel Dewey and Sarah Root. Aaron was only 7 years old when his father Israel died. Like his father before him, he was a farmer on the same property of his father on Little River Road. He lived a quiet life on the farm. I am hoping to find more documentation on his life soon. When Aaron died at the age of 48 he left an estate valued at over 582 pounds at the time which included 10 acres of land, "mansion house" and a barn.

The Family Of Aaron Dewey

Aaron Dewey married Sarah Noble in Westfield, Massachusetts on 12 June 1747. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Noble and Sarah Root. Together Aaron and Sarah had the following children:

All the Dewey children were born in Westfield but not all of them stayed there.

Aaron Dewey is buried in "The Old Burying Ground" at The Mechanic Street Cemetery in Westfield, Massachusetts. His wife Sarah is buried next to him. Pictured here is a photograph of his headstone. It reads: "In memory of Mr Aaron Dewey who died ye 11th, 1768, in ye 48th Year of his age".

Sarah Noble

Sarah Noble was born on August 11, 1723 in Westfield, Massachusetts. Her parents were Thomas Noble and Sarah Root. She died on March 26, 1796, almost 28 years after her husband. Sarah Noble Dewey is buried next to her husband and not far from her father and some of her babies. Her tombstone can be viewed here. Her tombstone reads: "In Memory of W Sarah Dewey Consort of Mr. Aaron Dewey who died May 20, 1790 in the 73 Year of her age"

Leaving Westfield

The children of Aaron and Sarah Dewey all left Westfield to settle other areas except for the children who died young. Sarah Dewey born in 1748, married Ithemer Remington and moved to Suffield, Connecticut. She died there at the age of 51. Aaron Dewey went to Lewis County, New York and was followed a year later by his brother John. Aaron then moved to Franklin in Dealaware County, New York where he died in 1824. In 1803 John Dewey brought his 2 sons John and Chester to Leyden, New York to clear land and build a home. Once the home was ready, he brought the rest of his children and his wife Achsah there. Silas Dewey moved to Suffield, Connecticut. Levi Dewey removed to Meadville in Crawford Couty, Pennsylvania.

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