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The Family of Aaron Clap

logoAaron Clap was born to Roger Clapp and Elizabeth Bartlett on 30 January 1715 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Not much is known about Aaron's life but we do know Aaron was one of the earliest settlers in the area known as "School Meadow". Aaron married his cousin Jemima Bartlett and they had 6 children together. Jemima was born 4 October 1720 and was the daughter of David Bartlett and Elizabeth Edwards. During Aaron's lifetime Easthampton and Westhampton were part of the property boundaries of Northampton. Easthampton did not incorporate until 1785. Aaron and Jemima Clapp died on the same day, 3 May 1793 in Easthampton. The obituaries of Aaron and Jemima were published in many newspapers and most mentioned Jemima died 4 hours after her husband. None of the newspaper accounts allude to their causes of death. They are buried together and share a single black headstone in the Main Street Cemetery in Easthampton. You may view a photo gallery of this cemetery which includes a large picture of Aaron and Jemima's beautiful headstone here.

Although most of Aaron's children stayed in Northampton, Easthampton and Westhampton, his son Aaron and daughter Achsah moved to Lewis County, New York around the same time. Aaron later relocated to Oneida County.


The grave of Aaron and Jemima Clap

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