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About The Clapp Family

The first of my Clapp family to enter the colonies of New England was Roger Clapp, who was married to Joanna Ford. Roger wrote a manuscript detailing his life to share with his children. This book was first published in 1731.

Clapp's born Before 1700

This section lists pages we have for Clapp's born between the years 1600-1700. The names appear below and as I add pages, those names will be linked to their web page. The number after the name is the year of that person's birth to help identify who it is.


This section is for Clapp's born between 1700 and 1800.


The sources I used to compile this section are listed on each page in this section. I visited New England in the Spring of 2011 for the express purpose of researching local archives and visiting the cemeteries in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Some of the people on these pages I found so much information I did not list all sources. In these cases I made a notation "archive documents".

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