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Chester Dewey

Chester Dewey was born in Westfield, Massachusetts on 7 December 1787. Chester was the son of John Dewey and Achsah Clapp. In 1803 Chester at the age of 16 moved to Leyden, Lewis County, New York with his father and his brothers and sisters. Soon after he moved to Turin and became a clothier. At some point he exchanged his property for a farm and became a farmer. Chester died in Turin, New York on 23 May 1844. According to the Dewey Genealogy book, he died after being sick with a cold for a week.

War of 1812

Chester served as a Sergeant in the war of 1812. I have found only 1 document to provide as source here. This document is a general index that shows Chester was a Sergeant serving in Pliny Adams' Regiment in New York. Neither Chester or his wife Phebe lived long enough to file for a pension or a widow's pension. The pesion act began in 1871 for this war.

The Family of Chester

On December 31, 1810 Chester married Phebe Wetmore who was born in Connecticut. Together they had 9 children. The children are listed below.

Phebe Wetmore

Phebe Wetmore was the daughter of Ethe Wetmore and Dorothy Webster Wetmore who came from Middletown, Connecticut. Phebe's family lived in Leyden, New York, on the same street as John Dewey and his family which included his son Chester so it is easy to know how Phebe and Chester met. They were married on New Years Eve of 1810. Phebe died in December, 1845 at the age of 58 and is buried next to her husband in Houseville Cemetery.

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