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Abel Kent

Abel Kent was born in Clifford, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania on 19 October 1816 to Carlton Kent and Sarah Griggs. He was named after his father's father. Abel married Maryette Snedeker and together they had 7 children.

Children of Abel and Maryette

Life in Herrick

Abel Kent was born on 19 October 1816 to Carlton and Sally (Griggs) Kent in Clifford Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Sources list his place of birth as Clifford. At the time of his birth, Herrick did not exist. Herrick was carved out of Clifford in 1825 so Clifford is correct for his date of birth. Abel was a farmer like his father before him. He was a member of the United Methodist Church in Herrick.

Abel married Maryette Snedeker in the late 1840's. Maryette was 10 years younger than her husband. They had 7 children together. Abel worked as a farmer. In 1850 Abel, Maryette and their baby daughter Theresa lived alone in their home in Herrick. Abel's parents lived nearby with Abel's brothers and sisters. By 1860 Abel's mother had died (she died in 1855) and his father Carlton moved in with Abel and his young family and presumably lived with them until his death. Maryette Snedeker Kent died on 8 October 1869. I was given a copy of research notes done by the niece of Maryetta and Abel with this date on it. The notes were very detailed and it was clear she spent a lot of time in libraries and archives. Unfortunately, this date was not sourced, however the year matches her headstone.

The 1870 census shows all the children living together with a man named Abram Kent who was 52 years old. I believe "Abram" was actually Abel. During this census Abel was a farmer living in Great Bend. Abel died sometime in 1879 and was buried at Floral Park Cemetery in Johnson City, New York located in Broome County. It is unknown at this time where Abel actually died. His wife Maryette is also buried there. The Find A grave memorial located here shows his headstone has spelled his first name Able Kent. By 1880 the children of Maryette and Abel were scattered throughout Pennsylvania and nearby Broome County, New York. All the Kent children married except Adella. The last record of Adella Kent shows her living in a boarding house in Binghamton, New York in 1930.

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