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Kent Index

This is an index of Kent's featured on this site. The names appear below and as I add pages, those names will be linked to their web page.


I am currently working on a complete source list. Since my list of sources for the Kent families is so long, I am working on a complete list of sources for a separate web page. The Kent's began in Gloucester, moved through Brookfield and Springfield, Massachusetts then settled in Suffield, Connecticut until 3 sons of Noah Kent moved to settle New Ashford, Massachusetts before leaving for Susquehanna County (Wyoming County at that time) Pennsylvania. Because they were in so many different places my sources for each generation are very different. I have many records for this family and will be including them where I can. Sources used in researching these pages include many books, manuscripts in Suffield and the Connecticut State Library in Hartford and the following records.


Records used for these pages include the following:

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