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James Thomas Baldock

James Thomas Baldock was born on 18 July 1834 in Barren County, Kentucky to Abijah and Mary A. (Polly) Huffman Baldock[1]. He married Martha Leah Pedigo in October of 1855 in Barren County, Kentucky[2]. James was 21 years old and Martha was 16 at the time of their marriage. They settled in a house in East Fork, Metcalfe County, Kentucky where James worked as a farmer. In 1858 their first child was born, a son they named William. During their marriage James and Martha had the following children:

In December of 1861 Martha was about 4 months pregnant with their third child (Mary). The Civil War had begun and James decided to volunteer his services to the Union Army. He left his wife and 2 young children for Camp Hobson which was located near Greensburg, Kentucky to join the 13th Kentucky Infantry. Although he signed up for a 3 year period, he was honorably discharged on 8 October 1863 for medical reasons[3]. James had contracted Tuberculosis while serving in the army. During this period in time Tuberculosis was often a death sentence, however, James did survive this illness and we can assume his tuberculosis was cured because he lived an additional 49 years. According to his official discharge papers, James gave them a forwarding address of Glover's Creek, Melcalfe County, Kentucky. On 9 May 1864 James filed for an invalid pension with the United States government. This pension application was approved and he received the pension until his death4. I am currently working on a separate page about James and his service in the Civil War.

By September of 1864 the family was living in Indiana where their son Eugene was born followed by another son they named Charles in 1868. The 1870 United states Federal census showed the family living in Momtgomery, Gibson County, Indiana. What brought them there is unknown, however, it should be noted that at least one of Martha (Pedigo) Baldock's brothers were also living there during the Civil War. It should also be noted that there were several conflicts between the troops of the Union and Confederate soldiers in Barren County. Regardless, the family was still living in Montgomery, Indiana in 1870 when the United States Federal census was taken. During their time in Indiana Martha gave birth to 4 more children, Eugene, Charles, Alice and George. Sometime after the birth of George in 1875 and June of 1880 the Baldock family returned to Kentucky where they were inummerataed living in the Sartain Precinct of Barren County. Here they were surrounded by family which may be one of the reasons they returned. The Baldock family was enummerated in between the family of Jonathan Clark Huffman and his wife Mary Jane (Pedigo) where their daughter Mary was enummerated and Nancy Pedigo Huffman (the sister of Martha) and her son James M. Huffman who would marry Mary Baldock in 1883. In 1885 Martha and James Baldock suffered the loss of their 21 year old son Eugene. It is possible that Alonzo and Eugenia also died young because I have been unable to find any trace of them aside from their names recorded on the census records. Both James and Martha lived long lives. James died on 17 June 1912 in Summer Shade, Metcalfe County, Kentucky at the age of 77 of chronic kidney disease[5].

Martha Leah Pedigo Baldock

Martha Leah Pedigo was born in November 1839[][2]. Her husband James died in 1912 leaving her a widow after 57 years of marriage. Upon his death Martha was able to successfully apply for an Army Widow's Pension because of her husband's service to the Union Army in the Civil War[6]. According to family stories after the death of her husband she moved in with her daughter Mary and her husband James M. Huffman. The photograph of her on this page was taken at their home. She outlived all of her siblings except her older sister Spicey and several of her children, including her daughter Mary who she was living with. Martha Leah Pedigo Baldock died on 16 Jul 1918 in Barren County Kentcky at the age of 79[6].

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