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Huffman-Smith Genealogy

This section of the website documents my biological (maternal) southern roots. In this portion of the website the stories and facts about the places and people in my ancestry will be told. Please note that these pages are split screen. On the left side of each page will be the story of my ancestor's lives. The right side of the screen will show source documents, books and other resources used to gather the information written about on each page. My roots are from Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Connecticut and Massachusetts. I am still actively researching these places and families so remember this site is always a work in progress and remember to check back often for updates.

The surnames of my grandparents are Huffman and Smith. However, when this site is complete, there should be several dozen surnames. A complete list of surnames here can be found on the surnames page. Please note that I have just begun this portion of the website

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