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Robert Bartlett

There were 2 men named Robert Bartlett who are often confused for each other. Robert Bartlett who sailed from England on the ship "Anne" and settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts (where he died) and married Mary Warren was one of them. Mary Warren also sailed on the "Anne" to join her father who was a passenger on the original voyage of the Mayflower. This page is not about them. The Bartlett's of Northampton do not descend from Robert Bartlett of Plymouth Colony. I make note of this because I have seen so much erroneous information linking the Bartlett's of Northampton to the Plymouth settler also named Robert Bartlett.

Robert Bartlett was born about 1612 and sailed from England probably on the ship "Lyon" in 1632. He settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts first along with the other passengers on the "Lyon". His first residence after that journey was in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1636 along with many of the other passengers from the "Lyon" Robert journeyed to Hartford, Connecticut where is is officially listed as one of the original founders of that city. He married Ann (surname probably Warringer). Robert and Ann Bartlett had the following children all born in Hartford.

Hartford, Connecticut

Around 1638 a group of people led by Reverend Thomas Hooker left Cambridge, Massachusetts for Hartford, Connecticut. Robert was one of this group. The name of Robert Bartlett is on the Founder's Monument in Hartford. He was one of the original proprietors in Hartford. In 1639, he was awarded 8 acres of land in Hartford in the division of February, 1639 which included 4 parcels of land which included 3 acres with a dwelling house, yards and gardens, 2 rods of upland, 3 acres of upland and 2 acres of swamp on the east side of the "Great River". He took the oath of a freeman on 10 April 1645 which would indicate that he was a member of the church. He was also a selectman in Hartford.

Positions Robert held in Hardford included Chimney viewer.

Robert Bartlett and The Law

Puritan law was strict. Punishment was often harsh, however, often you could opt to pay fines in lieu of the actual punishments. Robert Bartlett while living in Hartford, got into trouble on several occasions. Below is his arrest record.

Northampton, Massachusetts

Around 1653 Robert Bartlett moved to a new settlement called Nonotuck later called Northampton. Eight of the original petitioners for land there are listed as the first settlers of Northampton. They were Robert Bartlett, William Clark, William Holton, Edward Elmore, William Janes, William Miller, Thomas Root and John Webb. They spent the first winter in Springfield. The following spring they returned to Northampton. The first home lot was presented to Robert Bartlett on (what is named today) Pleasant Street. His was the first home built in 1675 near the meadow gate. Robert was the keeper of the "meadowgate". The town grew so rapidly that in 1661 a committee was formed to build a new meeting house. On this committee was Robert Bartlett, his son in law, John Stebbins, William Clark and William Holton and Joseph Parsons who were in charge. While in Northampton Robert was the first constable of the town and also helped select the first minister of the town. He was a soldier under Captain Turner. In 1661 Robert was on a committee of seven men to start town records.

In March, 1676 there was an Indian raid on Northampton and Robert Bartlett was killed by Indians in front of his house. He was the first man in Northampton to be killed by the Indians that day. His widow Ann died 3 July 1676 in Northampton.

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