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Dewey Kent Genealogy

April 14, 2010

logoThis site is dedicated to my mother, Dorothy Kent Dewey who was the most amazing woman I have ever known. Her gift of love, compassion, understanding and kindness for everyone knew no bounds. She was simply the best mother ever. She is pictured here after her graduation from Sherman Hospital Nursing School. Although the hospital still exists in Elgin, Illinois, it no longer has a school. Her father, Dix. D. Dewey spent the majority of his life working on the family genealogy. This site was created to help me follow her ancestors through New England and learn about their lives and hopefully it will help others as well. Please note that this site is a work in progress.

This site is divided into 3 basic sections. Those sections are listed below.


The Surname section is an index for all the surnames on this site related to the Dewey and Kent Genealogy. You can access individual family pages from there which will include pertinent data, biographies and records where I am able to offer them. If you are looking for people that is the page to begin with. You can view that page here.


So much history is contained within our early American ancestors and to understand them and their journey, history will play a key role. The location pages will be a brief overview of the early history of these towns with links to more substantial sites. You can view that index here.

Photo Galleries

The photo galleries has photographs I took on my trip to New England and will include headstones, cemeteries and buildings or sights of historical significance. Some galleries will also contain maps and documents. You can view the galleries here

Documents and Land Maps

I am currently working on providing copies of documents and land maps to this site. The documents and land maps that pertain to towns will be in the Location portion of this website located in the photo gallery or the images may be linked within the town pages. Documents pertaining to individuals will be located on their pages.

Hire A Professional

I am a professional genealogist and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. You can hire me by going to my business website Discovering Your Ancestry.

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