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Soldiers Who Served In The French Indian Wars

From Suffield

Below is a list from the war monument in Suffield, Connecticut of soldiers from Suffield that served in the French Indian Wars. The French Indian War occurred between 1754 through 1763. Since the monument says "wars" in the plural, and the monument itself provides the dates 1670-1920, I am unsure if this list also covers King Philip's war in 1675-1678. Since the name Major General Phinehas Lyman is centered at the top of the list, it can be assumed this list is for the later French Indian War. Major General Lyman was born in 1716 in Durham, Connecticut, graduated from Yale and was a lawyer in Suffield where he settled for a time. He was a key player in Suffield becoming a part of Connecticut as well as being the primary commander of the Connecticut militia in the French Indian War.

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