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Middlefield, Connecticut

Middletown, Connecticut was the home of my Wetmore line for 6 generations. Thomas Wetmore was one of the original founding members of Middletown. Middlefield was settled around 1700 and at that time was part of Middletown. Middlefield was officially established as it's own town in 1866. Samuel Wetmore, Samuel Allen and Benjamin Miller negotiated with the local Indian tribe to obtain the land and set up homes there.

Old Burial Grounds

The Old North Burying Ground

The photo galleries here are mostly photographs I took at The Old North Burying Ground in Middlefield. This cemetery was the first cemetery in Middlefield and was established in 1738. Time is taking it's toll on the cemetery and although there are many headstones still in great condition considering their age, many are broken or hidden by overgrowth of wildflowers, weeds and grass. Some are sinking so deep into the ground, the names are buried. I had a difficult time traversing the cemetery because I was trying to be careful not to do any further damage to broken headstones hidden on the ground by grass and wildflowers. It is a beautiful, peaceful cemetery but I left feeling sad because of so many deteriorating or totally destroyed headstones. It is clear unless someone does something soon, this beautiful cemetery will be lost.

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