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Lanesborough Land Owners

Included with the earliest records of Lanesborough is a typed list of the early land owners. Below are the lists as typed on the records. The list is two pages. Page one can be viewed here and page 2 can be viewed here. I have typed it as written. It is obvious some of the names are spelled incorrectly, however, I am presenting it as written.

The Beginning

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
482d EastAbel KentDaniel Stone172d WestRoger PetiboneWm Wright
432d EastJoel Shermanblank172d EastJames Loomisblank
432d WestJoel Shermanblank912d NorthIchial Robbinsblank
902d WestJames LoomisN. B. one half of lott912d SouthEphaim Gibbsblank

Aug 21, 1766

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
312d NorthJames Loomisblank622a WestDaniel PerryJohn Peck
512d EastAndrew Squierheirs Rev Wm Williams822d EastMiles PowellJohn Peck
512d WestAndrew Squierheirs Rev Wm Williams822d NorthHeirington Ianielblank
-blankblankblank22d SouthGideon Sageblank
862d SouthJoel Shermanblank72d WestJustus Wheelerblank
812d WestSamuel Dorwinblank902d WestMiles Powellone half of lot
142d NorthDavid Ensignblank142d SouthDavid Ensignblank
182d WestSamuel Terrilblank602d NorthJoseph Baggblank
932d NorthIsaac Warrinblank932d SouthJehial Robbinsblank
342d WestSamuel TerrilNB but 10 acre delinquent0blankblankblank
0blankblankSW Corner0blankblankblank

Sept 18, 1765

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
67Whole rightIsrael DickensonJonathan Kilbon blankblankblank
682d EastE, Weet Joseph Farnumblank492d WestSamuel Dorwinblank
292d EastJoseph Baggblank692d EastJohn Alvordblank

Sept 10, 1767

No2d DivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
57WestAndrew SquierRev Solo Williams57EastAndrew SquierRev Solo Williams
45SouthSamuel WarrinRev Solo Williams45NorthEnos HinmanRev Solo Williams
17EastSamuel WarrinWilliam Wright17WestSamuel WarrinWilliam Wright
43EastJoel Shermanblank80WestThomas Sheldonblank
80WestThomas Sheldonblank91SouthGideon Kentblank
91NorthGideon Kentblank52WestJames LoomisJohn Peck
52EastDaniel HarringtonJohn Peck82NorthWilliam Bradleyblank
22EastSamuel Terrilblank65SouthSamuel Warrinblank
71NorthEphraim IurwinJames Carson71SouthDaniel HarringtonJames Carson
90EastMiles Powelblank90WestMiles Powelblank
18EastSamuel TerrilNathan Ball75Whole rightSamuel WarrinRev Solo Williams
77EastAndrew Squierblank77WestAndrew Squierblank
93SouthEphraim Iurwinblank93NorthMoses Haleblank
29NorthJoseph Bagg17 acres of said lot0blankblankblank
29blankAbraham Bristolblank0blankblankblank
68blankAbraham Bristolblank0blankblankblank

Page 2 of the List

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
633dDaniel Harringtonblank633dDaniel Harringtonblank
12d EastJonathan PeteboneDaniel Williams532d EastAbel KentThomas French
532d WestSamuel Dorwin Jr.Thomas French133 d Joseph BaggThomas French
192d EastEvan RoyceRichard Jacob192d WestJonathan HubbyRichard Jacob
33d Jonathan RubbyRichard Jacob252d WestEvan RoyceNathll Parke
492d EastEphraim Iurwinblank881stAbraham Bristolblank
782d EastGideon Kentblank173d Lerwinthis lot is overplus of 7
582d EastA Weet Nehemiah Bullblank583dNehemiah Bullblank
172d EastNoah KentWilliam Wright172d WestJohnathan PettiboneWm Wright
253dJames Loomisblank432d EastSamuel Terrilblank
802d WestThomas Sheldonblank912d WestDaniel Hurlingtonblank
622d East& Wert John Ensignblank623 d John Ensignblank
42d EastNathaniel Williamsblank42d WestAbel Kentblank
333dSamuel Terrilblank351stJohn Powelblank
222d EastJohnathan PettiboneCharles Goodrich662d EastEnos Hinmanblank
22d EastDavid Bushblank393dJoseph PrineNathan Bell
02d WestJoseph Prineblank611stIchial Robbinsblank
493dThomas Lorwinblank262d SouthNathll Wilcokeblank
202d EastJames Loomisblank422d EastIsrael DickensonMr. Schamerhon
902d EastMiles Powelblank142d SouthDavid Ensignblank
731stSamuel WarrinIsrael Curtis212d WestSaml WarrinIsrael Curtis
212d WestSamuel WarrinIsrael Curtis473dSamuel WarrinIsrael Curtis
152d EastIsaac WarrinNathan Ball152d WestAbel KentAmos Sanford
75Whole rightSamuel WarrinRev Solo Williams742d EastA West Nehemiah Bullblank
743dNehemiah Bullblank742d EastJames Loomisblank
293dThomas Dorwinblank442d EastIsaac WarrinColo Talcott
442d WestJohnathan PettiboneCol Talcott903dLanll Heiringtonblank
602d WestJohnathan PettiboneIsaac Kilborn911stJoseph Baggblank
303dNathaniel Williamsblank0blankblankblank

June 15, 1768

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
51stJustus WheelerThomas French432d WestJoel Sherman 41 acresblank
13dBenjamin KeelerLeut Little83dFrancis Guiteaublank
492d WestEvan RoyceHezekiah Culver782d EastFrancis Guiteaublank
211stAsa Barnesblank682d EastJohnathan Pettiboneblank
682d WestJohn Tibbetsblank213dJohnathan Pettiboneblank
221stAsa Barnesblank942d the 2Lots Asa Barnesblank
912d EastBenjamin Keelerblank321stJoseph Baggblank
333dJohnathan Pettiboneblank622d EastIsaac SmithMr Richard Smith
522d WestJames LoomisMr Richard Smith363dJohnathan PettiboneJohn Peck
522d WestDaniel Heiringtonblank222d EastJohnathan Pettiboneblank
342d EastJames Loomisblank22d EastJohnathan Pettiboneblank
613dThomas Dorwinblank493dThomas Dorwinblank
623dGiles BarnsSeth Keeler202d EastGiles Barnsblank
722d WestJoseph Farnamblank422d EastAen Barnsblank
902d EastAsa Barnesblank142d NorthBenj KeelerIthamar Andrews
142d SouthDavid Ensignblank692d EastJohn Alvordblank
932d WestJohn PettiboneEbenezer Fletcher881stAbel Prindleblank
903dJohn Powelblank942d & 3dJames Loomisblank

March 29, 1770

NoDivisionSold ToReleased ToNoDivisionSold ToReleased To
12d EastJoseph BarnesThos Dickens Adms302d WestEnos Hinmanblank
0blankblankEst Danl Williams0blankblankblank
0blankblankblank492d WestAbraham K VanVleckblank
782d EastFrancis Guiteaublank652d EastHenry TibbitsGideon Hinman
263dDavid Ensignblank902d EastEvan Royceblank
333dJohnathan Pettiboneblank363dJohnathan PettiboneJohn Peck
222d EastAbraham K VanVleckNathan Benjamin22d EastAbraham VanVleckblank
722d WestJoseph Hallblank523dNathl WilliamsJacob Woodruff Esq
613d ie 49Thomas Lorwinblank202dEnos Hinmanblank
663dNathaniel Williamsblank142d NorthDavid Ensignblank
142d SouthJabeah Hallblank793dJona Pettiboneblank
932d EastNoah Kentblank932d WestNoah Kentblank
883d is 29Thom Lorwinblank903dMiles Powelblank
83dFrancis Guiteaublank211stAhira Hillblank
682d WestJohn Tibbetsblank902d EastBenj Keelerblank

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