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Elon Eber Smith

Smith FamilyMy great grandfather, Elon Eber Smith was born 16 June 1882 in Persimmon, Monroe County, Kentucky[1]. His father was Anderson Smith and his mother was Martha Tibutka Hardin[1], [2]. Elon had only one sister named Flora who was 2 years older. Although he only had one sibling, Elon grew up surrounded by the family of his mother. The parents of his mother and her brother Benjamin lived walking distance from their home [2]. Like his father before him Elon worked as a farmer. On 21 July 1904 Elon married Docie Genie Hooten Davis[3].

Sometime between 1920 and 1930 the Smith family moved from Hiseville, Barren County, Kentucky to Rossville, Vermilion County, Illinois. The eldest daughter of Elon and Genie married in November 1926 in Williamsport, Indiana which was located 15 miles from Rossville, Illinois. The 1930 census lists the family living in Rossville but I have been unable to fill in the gaps as to when the Smith family actually arrived in Rossville. Docie Genie Hooten Smith died at the age of 55 in Danville, Illinois on 23 January 1942 [5]. Her husband Elon died 7 months later on August 31, 1942 at age of 60. Both are buried in the Rossville Cemetery in Rossville, Illinois.

Elon and Genie had the following children:

It is very probable Elon and Genie had another daughter named Lucille. Pictured here is a photograph of Elon, Genie and a baby. The back of the photograph is marked "Elon, Genie and Lucille Smith" [4]. Their grandchildren remember hearing Elon and Genie had a baby who died but do not recall the name or sex of the baby. So far, I have been unable to find proof of her birth in a birth or death record.

Docie Genie Hooten/Whooten Davis Smith

The wife of Elon is a mystery. According to all census records and her death record, she was born in Texas. Exactly where in Texas is not written anywhere. The first evidence I could find for her was the 1900 United States Census record[6] for the household of Benjamin K. Davis and his wife Martha (Burks) in Hiseville, Barren County, Kentucky. This record lists her name as Jenie Whooten and states she was adopted. She was 7 years old at the time. The name of her father was clearly known by Genie and her children. According to her death record, her maiden name was Hooten and the name of her father was James Hooten. The name of her mother is unknown and listed as unknown on her death record. Family lore says her first born daughter was named Mary Elizabeth after Genie's mother. I have been unable to find a link between the Davis family and anyone named Whooten or Hooten and have no idea how a young girl got from her birthplace somewhere in Texas to Hiseville, Kentucky. I am hoping a trip to Barren County may solve the questions regarding the name of her mother and the exact location of her place of birth in Texas.

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