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Huffman Family

The original surname was spelled Hofmann. Johannes Henrich (Henry) Hofmann immigrated from Eisern, Germany in 1743. He followed his older brother Johannes (John) who had left Eisern in 1714 as part of the first colony in Virginia of Germanna. The name evolved into Huffman in the late 1700s, however, other variations of the name such as Hoofman and Hoffman occurred in the records through the early 1800's. The headstone of my ancestor Edward Huffman is engraved Hoofman on the headstone. The name Huffman was used by three brothers who left Culpeper County, Virginia into what is known today as Barren County, Kentucky. Brothers Teter, Henry and Ambrose left Culpeper County between 1795 and 1801 for Kentucky where the original surname Hofmann changed to Huffman permanently. This page will serve as an index to pages about my Huffman ancestors who were descendants of Henry and Ambrose Huffman.

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Because I descend from 2 Huffman brothers, I have listed this Huffman line separately below.

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